How Millennial Are You?


Millennial isn’t a generation; it’s an attitude reaching across generations. It is characterized by boldness, confidence, awareness, tolerance and assertiveness. However, it’s also been dubbed as selfish, lazy and entitled. With all of the advances our world has made technologically, socially, and economically, it’s an exhilarating and exciting time to be.

2017-06-02-Blog-Millennials-In-The-WorkplaceDo you have the millennial attitude to make the most of this era of unlimited opportunities? Take this quiz to find out.

Answer with a “Yes” or a “No”:

  1. Do you speak up for what you believe in?
  2. Do you find technology exciting?
  3. Would you rather have a challenging job with less pay than a boring one with high pay?
  4. Are you comfortable chatting electronically but hesitate to interact face to face?
  5. Do you send/receive more than 25 texts per 24 hours?
  6. Do you consider life without a smartphone unimaginable?
  7. Do you believe there’s no age limit to starting or changing careers?
  8. Are you a lifelong learner?
  9. Do you expect quick, easy results?
  10. Do you think it’s important to help others?
  11. Do you own three or more electronic devices?
  12. Are you always ready to take part in social causes?
  13. Do you have difficulty facing reality and coping with issues?
  14. Do you feel a constant need to put your life on display in the social media?
  15. Do you celebrate diversity and encourage tolerance?
  16. Do you believe work life alignment is important?
  17. Do you agree that the proverb “A rolling stone gathers no moss” means it gains a certain polish and that change keeps you vibrant?

If you answered YES to more than 13 questions: You’re a true Millennial, completely tuned into the twenty-first century and its numerous wonders and disruptions. You’re a change-maker and a pace-maker, and only value those traditions that make sense to you. Despite the information overload, you wouldn’t want it any other way. FOMO (fear of missing out) keeps you on your toes, constantly keeping abreast of latest happenings. You seek rewarding experiences over potential consequences, aligning life purpose with career interests. Happiness is searching for passion and meaning of existence.

If you answered YES to more than 9 questions: You are close to being a millennial. Hardworking and a rising power in the workplace, you look for a flexible work environment. You are conservative yet technology savvy. Many of you aspire to be entrepreneurs and believe in risk-taking. You are mainly an on-line shopper and home owner. An avid user of social media, you keep abreast of current affairs. You plan for retirement and generally spend less than you make.

If you answered YES to less than 9: Not a millennial, definitely!

Disclaimer: This assessment is not intended to provide a psychological or psychiatric assessment and there are many other unaccountable factors that could affect the outcome.

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