Being true to myself breeds success

Be True To Yourself Quotes The Secret To Happiness Quotes Digezt
Being true to myself breeds success. The famous philosopher Socrates once said, “Know thyself.” Wise words! I consciously practice them in my life in order to progress further towards my goals and personal happiness. Being true to myself means first knowing the values and the principles for which I stand. It also means being committed,  unyielding, and uncompromising as I stay true to who I truly am inside. Do I stand for fairness and equality? Am I a compassionate individual who chooses to include others, rather than exclude those who may be different than I am? What other ideals are important to me?
As I ponder the values and principles which make up who I am, I reflect upon how my
ideals have propelled me to success, both personal and professional. My honesty has nurtured strong relationships. My work ethic has attracted promotions and raises. And my commitment to balance between work and play has contributed to both a fulfilling
family life and respect from my peers. Today, I resolve to stay true to myself in all areas of my life. I pay attention to the areas in which I can do a better job of staying true to myself and I make note of the areas in which I am already doing just this.

I sit in the magical moments of the early morning, the gentle breeze and the chirping of birds around me, as I reflect and wonder:

What does being true to myself mean?

Do I know others who stay true to themselves? Who are they and how do they do it?

What obstacles make it difficult for me to stay true to myself? What can I do to get past them? 

Lots of questions and lots of answers. I smile, stretch and take a deep breath. I believe I am my own best friend. I believe I am good and getting better every day! I know what we say (or predestine for ourselves), most often becomes our reality. For you see, it is said that the Universe is always working for us, not against us and is always working toward creating what it is that we say we want most for ourselves.

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