“Finding your Universe” Personality Test

door to universe

Successful people are always aiming to be the best version of themselves. Sometimes events, people and our own self-development help us reach this goal. A faster way to do this is by working with a coach. However, coaching requires a significant commitment of time, effort and energy. Its like polishing your self to make you shine. Take this short assessment to find out if you fall under the Sparkle, Shine or Glow category.

This 30 question assessment based on psychological principles will help you to look deeper into your personality and to discover which areas need some work to bring out the sparkling YOU!

We hope you find a way into your Universe, your dreams and your possibilities!

Please rate each question on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is the least true and 5 most true, choosing each number that best represents your feelings, thoughts and actions.

( Be sure to right your score to each statement before moving to the next. Don’t take too much time to answer and go with the first rating that comes to your mind)

Statement                                                                                                          Your rating

  1. When someone compliments me I smile and appreciate it.                            
  2. I love to meet new people and make instant friends.                                     
  3. I enjoy working with others to achieve success.                                           
  4. I set big goals and love to stretch myself.                                                    
  5. I am curious and look for new ways to grow my skills.                                   
  6. I try to do my best but understand that at times I will fail and it’s okay.     
  7. I speak up when I want something and try to create a win-win situation.       
  8. I am happy with myself and don’t care what others think of me.                   
  9. I find it easy to make up my mind when faced with a decision.                      
  10. I believe I deserve the best that life has to offer.                                       
  11. I believe I can achieve a fulfilled life with faith and commitment.                 
  12. I believe I am responsible for the quality of my own life.                              
  13. I appreciate feedback and use it to improve myself.                                      
  14. I am open to new ideas and new ways of doing things.                                    
  15. My greatest values are courage, fairness and positivity.                                
  16. I am focused and organized in all areas of my life.                                         
  17. I share joy and nurture sorrows, within myself and in others.                       
  18. I believe life is a gift to be lived with service to self and others.                  
  19. I have a strong desire to make my life focused, simple and empowered.        
  20. I value diversity, and respect and understand that each human being has different strengths and opinions.                                                                                   
  21. I could be described as curious, enthusiastic and energetic.                          
  22. I am motivated to get the best out of my life.                                               
  23. I am always eager to find support for my growth and development.               
  24. I need assistance to find my core strengths so that I can live to my true potential.    
  25. I am someone who is future-oriented rather than focused on the past.                        
  26. I am willing to invest time, energy and finances in myself as I know I’m worth it.         
  27. I would like to have someone help me capitalize on my strengths so that I can live a   sparkling life.                                                                                                                  
  28. I can clearly see how working with a professional coach can help me light up my own and the life of those near to me.                                                                                          
  29. I have a clear vision of where I want to be in life.                                                         
  30. I believe humans can grow and develop at any stage in their lives.                                 

Now add up the total of your score and email the result to us at theuniverseisyours.sparkle@gmail.com or send us your score via the contact form.

We will send you your personality assessment result that will help you to understand how coaching can help you reach your true potential. Please also inbox on our Facebook page for quick response. 

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