Eat to live, not live to eat!

eat to live

As life is taking on new meanings and societal norms are becoming more complex, along with a host of other health issues, obesity has surfaced as one of the major health concerns around the globe. There are various causes of obesity, like a sedentary life style, physiological or psychological imbalance, etc. One of them which is widespread is Emotional Overeating and is defined as disordered eating that is characterized by the compulsion to eat even if you’re full.

Here’s how to overcome Emotional Overeating in Four Easy Steps. Try these strategies and enjoy a new, healthy, sparkling life!

First, figure out your triggers. Triggers are situations, people or events that disturb you emotionally where you need comfort or support. The most common triggers are stress and negative emotions. Keep a journal. Every time you feel distressed and want to reach out for food, take a deep breath and drink a glass of water. Then take out your journal and write what’s upsetting you. This will distract you from the food and help you calm down.

Second, try to eat only when you’re hungry. This step will take time. The most healthy eating is to fix three healthy meals a day. As long as you eat wholesome, natural foods and stay away from processed or over cooked meals, include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, anything you eat in moderation should give you energy and health. If you feel hungry or weak in between meals, try a glass of water or some nuts to sustain you till the next meal.

Third, create alternative plans. By creating alternative plans that don’t involve eating, you will be setting yourself up for diet success. If you’re meeting friends, try the park or someplace where you can walk or enjoy nature; maybe meet up for some window shopping or any fun activity. If you’re meeting for tea or lunch then decide mutually to have only one or two light dishes rather than a huge spread, with fruit for dessert.

Fourth, create a loving and supportive environment around yourself. Surround yourself with people who care. Reach out to family, friends, coworkers, and others for help. Playing with children is highly therapeutic. Try to be of service in some way to those in need to activate your positive emotions. Read up on effective techniques and make a friend or family an accountability partner to motivate you to stick to a diet or exercise plan.

Emotional overeating doesn’t have to control your life. You are in control, and you decide how you want to shine in your Universe!

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