The new YOU~how can coaching help ?

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We are often aspiring to be like someone we idolise. We admire successful people for the respect and awe they receive from millions of fans. We are attracted by their beauty, their life styles, their ability to overcome fears and reach great heights. Their tenacity, their passion and their commitment is a source of inspiration. We love to see some of their success reflected in us; and why not? All these people are just as normal as you and me. However, the difference lies in their attitude, and the strong will and dedication to achieving their goals.

Many of these successful people have mentors and coaches who keep them focussed, motivated and help them achieve their goals. Since coaching is still a relatively new industry it is often confused with ‘mentoring’, ‘counselling’ or ‘therapy’. This is not the case. Coaching is NOT counselling or going into therapy, although these are related fields. Coaches work in varied industries;  sports, business, education, well-being, and help their clients in career transitions, relationships and settling in a new place.

“…Coaches offer their clients a supportive and motivating environment to explore what they want in life and how they might achieve their aspirations and fulfill their needs. By assisting the client in committing to action and by being a sounding-board to their experiences, coaching allows the individual the personal space and support they need to grow and develop. The coach’s key role is often assisting the client to maintain the motivation and commitment needed to achieve their goals.”

~ Coaching & Mentoring Network UK

Who can benefit from coaching? Coaching is for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed, stuck or dealing with change. It helps to take the client from Where they are to Where they wish to be. The journey of life is full of twists and turns. Sometimes the most brilliant people get stuck. This can be because of so many factors. People struggling in personal relationships, not able to master a project at work although they have the skills, dealing with change or students who are not performing well in their academic life. Coaching is an effective way to work through the cobwebs in our minds, de-clutter, prioritise and set achievable targets for growth. No problem is too small or too big; our attitudes, limiting beliefs and motivation levels often cloud our judgement and make us give up.

This platform offers coaching for success and personal development, especially to girls and women of all ages, from all backgrounds around the world.

What you can expect from coaching:

  • Total confidentiality
  • Professional and non-judgmental attitude
  • Use of creative questioning techniques and tools to facilitate client’s own thought processes rather than employ a directive approach
  • Discovering client’s hidden strengths and limiting beliefs
  • Building self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Getting a direction and focus
  • Setting realistic and achievable goals, and action plansfishes

If you are one of those people who aspire to be more confident and improve self-satisfaction, then you can enroll for my coaching sessions and discover the new YOU. Or if you know someone who is searching for meaning in their lives, you can help by referring them to coaching.

To get you started, I recommend you take my FREE  Finding Your Universe Personality Test to discover what aspects of your personality may be stopping you to achieve your true potential.

How do I work:

Personal enhancement coaching is provided on a one-to-one basis. Group coaching can also be delivered for specific groups in organisations. My clients include under-achieving students, women with well-being/ relationship/self-development/career/goal setting issues and professionals/migrants dealing with career transition and settlement issues.

All coaching is tailored around the coachees, that is why I do not have standard packages. I work with clients on a case to case basis.

I am a Success Coach who can help you become the best version of yourselves. Please read my profile and if it resonates with you then feel free to contact me for setting up an informal consultation on Skype. I like to take this opportunity to get to know you and how, together, we can move forward towards your goals.

I coach in English, Urdu and Arabic. For a global outreach and to save time and travel cost, I primarily work online but face to face coaching is also provided when requested. Please join my Facebook page for updates.


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