Pay it Forward…


Pay it Forward 👉 ……… It’s such an amazing thought to “pay it forward” (Courtesy Dr Marshall Goldsmith ). When I realized how blessed I was to get a great education, be able to create opportunities for own my kids to make great choices and live empowered lives, I too had decided to pay it forward. Hence, for the past 15 years I’m running a free school for underprivileged kids in my country Pakistan, where poverty and illiteracy are major issues. Most of these kids come to my school facing tough issues as their lives are touched by abuse, hunger and neglect, and yet they can smile and laugh. My happiest moments are the ones spent with them. I’ve had young girls from shanty towns graduate from my small set up, who are now working in different institutions and managing their lives as confident, enterprising young women. It’s my life’s greatest gift and makes every day worth living.

What are you blessed with? How can you pay it forward?

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