What it means to be Almas

Almas means a diamond; As a diamond I am dedicated to be a symbol of strength, beauty and perseverance.

This website is dedicated to inspire; to help each of us sparkle and shine like the universe is ours. I believe every human being is gifted in a unique way and meant to reach the full potential to live a fulfilled life which will, in turn create a beautiful world.

 قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: إن الله جميل ويحب الجمال
Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: Allah is beautiful and loves beauty.

Everything in the universe has been bestowed with beauty, inner and outer. Just as we need to adorn our outer beauty of words, deeds and appearance, so it is an obligation for the life we have been gifted to beautify our inner selves with the highest moral character and dignity of thoughts and feelings.

Life for me has been deeply experiential. As a young child belonging to a family life full of strife and turbulence, I grew up mostly wrapped up in my own thoughts and being responsible for my own actions. My teachers and peers commented on my intelligence and perceived I was headed for greatness, but there was complete lack of motivation and direction within me. My only saving grace was my passion for reading. I read any and everything. I found a world within books and could disappear inside those pages for hours on end to escape from the realities of my life. Without realizing, my knowledge base was growing and I was developing into a woman of wisdom and insight, mainly through my voracious reading and keen observation of life around me. I found young and old, friends and family seeking my counsel and help in all sorts of matters. Gradually, my confidence grew and I felt a sense of achievement in helping others.

Then I got married and had three beautiful children, who acted as a catalyst for my journey of self development. I started picking up the pieces of my life to make a new beginning. I applied for the post of teacher in my children’s school and was accepted. From there I moved to the post of Headmistress, then Regional Coordinator and Teacher Trainer, to finally leaving behind the position and status to work with the underprivileged children and women for literacy and life skills. This last occupation has been the most beautiful achievement, and a reward for a life of wandering, trying to find meaning in chaos. The other reward, not any less, for my husband and me has been to see our children grow up into responsible, caring adults, settled and successful, contributing positively to the world around them. We cherish their company, but even more so, the love and joy of being with our grandchildren. My favourite hobbies are playing with them, reading and nature walks. All of these give me a sense of peace and enrichment.

After a lifetime of learning and teaching, now I’m training to be a life coach. I always felt there was missing link in my teaching as I tried to help my students move ahead in their lives and empower them to become intrinsic learners. When I first read about the practice of coaching it immediately clicked. I realized how a coach is different from a teacher. The coaching philosophy seems to be employed mainly in the sports field. This, I feel, is  why most children are so proactive and passionate about their sports and yet, these same kids are dull and lifeless in the classroom. There is a missing connection there. From being a teacher, to a trainer and facilitator, I now seek to coach them every step of the way to help them achieve what they aspire.

In my work with the underprivileged I always had a nagging feeling of ineptitude as I tried to bring about a change in their lives. I tried to suggest solutions from my own experiences but now, as a coach in training, I understand the vital thing that “telling” is not the solution. Similarly, women empowerment, especially, teacher empowerment is also a topic dear to my heart. As a trainer, I know coaching can be invaluable to help teachers and women across other fields reflect and find fulfillment in their lives and careers.The change and the vision have to come from within them. That’s coaching; I want to enable women from all strata of society to find that spark in themselves, by empowering them to reflect on their vulnerabilities, conquer their fears to reach their true potential, and live a life of dignity and meaning.

It is important to dream, and I believe dreams become a reality with faith, passion and perseverance.



                                                           diamond~Pause to Reflect~ hands-holding-a-tree-clipart-39    


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