We believe in YOU!

Have you ever felt no one understands you or you need someone to talk to about what you are feeling, where you are heading? Need support on relationship issues, settling in a new country, how to bring up your children and/or help them achieve to their full potential? This site is a celebration of the resilience, beauty  and brilliance of women aimed at empowering  them  to achieve their highest potential. The universe is yours and nothing short of it. So better believe it!


Almas and Shaista, we are two women bound by a unique friendship since more than two decades. Each has had very novel and exceptional challenges both professionally and personally. Hailing from Pakistan and belonging to traditional Muslim families, both have travelled extensively.

Like most women, our lives have also been touched with melodrama, tragedy and triumphs. It was our faith and the spirit to rise above the now that helped us to gain a life of fulfillment. Like a diamond we made good under pressure. This is what we wish to share with other women. Our key values embody ‘ sincerity’, ‘empathy’ and ‘professionalism’ to make you feel empowered to take that next step that is so crucial for your growth.

A little about us:

is a senior educationist who shifted her career as an English Language Curriculum Coordinator and Teacher Trainer for commercial elite schools to running charitable institutions. Her school for underprivileged girls has been running for more than 15 years now; many of her students have graduated and work in various fields of teaching, Information Technology, etc. She has a Masters in Islamic Education, speaks English, Urdu and Arabic, and teaches Arabic Language as well as University level courses in Islamic Jurisprudence and Prophetic Narrations. Currently she is working towards a certification as a life coach. An exceptional mother and busy grandmother, her dynamism and passion to help others keeps her occupied with new projects whether she is at home in Karachi or travelling.

Success Coach (Certification in process from International Coaching Federation accredited training programme )

Areas of expertise: Teacher training; Coaching women for empowerment and fulfillment in personal and professional life, successful parenting and managing relationships; Coaching students in schools and colleges for education management and goal setting; Coaching empty nesters for changing life patterns and retirement plans; Setting up formal/informal schools for the underprivileged.

hands-holding-a-tree-clipart-39Shaista has worked on international and national-level education, social enterprise and community projects in Pakistan, Australia and UK and is a marketing communications professional who also has a passion for humanitarian work. She is passionate about respecting cultural diversity. Having lived  in four very culturally diverse places herself- Middle East, Pakistan, Australia and the UK she feels that ‘peace’ and ‘tolerance’ can only be achieved when we truly accept this diversity, learn to accept our differences and, where possible, complement each other. Her own personal journey as a twice new migrant is full of meaningful lessons. As a certified Australian trainer and a community development officer with a genuine curiosity of getting to know different cultures and making friends, she is here to share her experiences and help others who may be going through similar issues. Shaista found her soul mate at the mature age of 44 and now lives with her husband in the UK.

Life/ Career/Transition Coach

Areas of expertise: Migration & settlement issues;  Working in a multi-cultural organisation; Setting up and running a social enterprise; Late marriage;  Career support; Education management, Self-development.

This site is an invitation to women of all ages to come together and share stories that will inspire others.  You can post your story in response to a blog post or email it to us. Also, we aim to provide a counselling/ mentorship/ coaching service to women who seek it. This will be a paid or free service (as per the client’s situation) with online/onsite 1 to 1 sessions to help women explore their potential and fulfill their dreams, or to counsel women going through a rough period. We are both fluent in English, Urdu and Hindi and will attempt to provide resources and support in these languages.

If you are struggling with some emotional issues and aim to free yourself from the limiting thoughts or you feel stuck and unclear about your future, then contact us  for a FREE consultation.  Let us coach you and help you rediscover the sparkling you. Also follow this blog and our Facebook page for updates on upcoming events.

Did you know?

This site is also equipped with Google translation. Just choose the language of choice in the translator in the side bar to read our posts and enjoy !

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